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Comparison chart
chemical fertilizer
organic fertilizer
chemical fertilizers are manufactured from synthetic material organic fertilizers are made from materials derived from living things.
costly cheap
npk ratio
20 to 60% about 14%
have equal distribution of three essential nutrients: phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium. have unequal distribution of essential nutrients.
rate of production
immediate supply slow release
artificially prepared prepared naturally. one can prepare organic fertilizers, themselves or can also buy.
chemical fertilizers are rich equally in three essential nutrients that are needed for crops and always ready for immediate supply of nutrients to plants if situation demands. adds natural nutrients to soil, increases soil organic matter, improves soil structure and tilth, improves water holding capacity, reduces soil crusting problems, reduces erosion from wind and water, slow and consistent release of nutrients.
several chemical fertilizers have high acid content. have slow release capability; distribution of nutrients in organic fertilizers is not equal.
ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate, urea, ammonium chloride and the like. humic and fulvic acids ,seaweeds fertilizers vermicompost ,cottonseed meal, and manure and sewage sludge, etc.

This company exclusively supplies and produces Organic Agricultural Fertilizers and Pesticides. Bonasia is also committed to Educate , Promote and Develop the technologies of organic farming.

In the way ahead our efforts is to adhere to merely additives derived from the Nature to the lap of the land, towards achievement a Healthy Environment ,Natural Crops and grant Health and Vitality to the Consumers.

All customers should be always satisfied about the paid price for Bonasia Products and face to integrated changes in Quality and Quantity of their crops at the harvest times.

Always The achievement of sustainable development requires a comprehensive stakeholders involvement and sharing in each society.
Bonasia company need to have more awareness about its share towards healthy crops production .
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