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About Bonasia

Bonasia Company was established in 2011 and operates exclusively in the field of supply and production of new types of organic inputs, and we are committed to training, development and promotion of technologies related to organic agriculture.

In this direction, we try to achieve a healthy environment, clean land and completely natural agricultural products, which in turn gives health and vitality to the consumer, to put only an addition of the heart of nature on the soil and consumers.

Learning articles

Up-to-date knowledge about agriculture and organic fertilizers


Fertilizer feeding instructions for farms and orchards

Our Colleagues

Cooperation is one of the most important principles of Bonasia Cultivation Company.

Products and Services

Agricultural implements


All the devices used in agriculture to reduce time and cost are called agricultural equipment or tools. There are different types of agricultural implements and farmers use these implements to facilitate agricultural processes.



Fertilizer is a compound rich in essential nutrients for plant growth that is produced in different varieties. In addition to plant growth, fertilizer can help improve soil condition and strengthen the soil for further harvesting.



Agricultural pesticides are used to control pests that affect agricultural products. Agricultural pesticides have a wide range and include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.



The seed is the part of the plant that is planted to germinate and produce a plant similar to the main plant. One of the most common methods in propagating plants and trees is planting seeds. Seeds have different species in terms of structure, shape, texture and color.

Why do you choose us?

Planting models, nutrition principles and pest control have changed significantly internationally in recent years, organic is becoming the dominant model in this model, and has come to take care of healthy crop production and participate in promotion Quality and quantity of horticultural, agricultural and greenhouse products to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture. Provide, promote and distribute the highest possible quality and reasonable price. The focus of all these activities is on inputs that are derived from mineral and plant raw materials including humic, fulvic, algae and amino acids, and attempts have been made to chelate macro and micro elements based on the latest technology in the world with organic materials. , And provide a wide range of these products to the agricultural community.

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Success and inclusive and sustainable development always requires the participation of the stakeholders of any society. Asia Cultivation Company needs to be more aware of its role in moving towards the production of healthier agricultural products. Thank you for being with us on this journey.

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