Effect of NPK on the plant

potassium also known as potash it’s one of the three essential macronutrients potassium plays an essential role in ensuring healthy crops and optimal yields. Its required for the activation of over 80 plant enzymes.
It’s responsible for improving a plant’s water use from Roots to shoots through the regulation of photosynthesis and transpiration.
potassium also Fosters nutrient uptake. enhance is nitrogen use and increases protein production .boosting overall plant health and a plant’s ability to withstand disease , pest and drought stress without a doubt proper potassium management is critical to ensuring healthy crops optimizing yield and increasing profit potential. but which source is the best choice. potassium can come from many sources but only Potassium plus sulfur also known as sulfate of potash stands apart as the Premier Source .
let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider.

potassium plus SOP or Muriate of potash MOP offer more potassium than other commonly used sources.
the additional nutrients in these fertilizers also factor into their overall value . potassium plus contain sulfur often referred to as the fourth Macronutrient .
it plays a key role in a variety of functions that promote optimal growth and development and when delivered in the sulfate form as it is with potassium plus it is readily available for plants uptake.
on the other hand MOP contains extremely high levels of chloride and salt excess chloride can accumulate around root systems , block uptake of essential nutrients lower crop quality and reduce yields.
similar to Chloride is salt index fertilizers with high salt index can lead to damaging effects on crop development and soil systems .
on a k2o basis SOP which is virtually chloride free is the richest source of potash with the least salt , because of this sop provides added flexibility in application timing without the risks of soil salt buildup.
for all these reasons potassium plus sulfur has become the potassium source of choice for Growers who demand the highest quality crops and maximum yield