HUMABON POTASSIC is extracted from the natural high grade Lignite formulated potassium salt of humic acid. It contains both, nutrient potassium and humic acid and fulvic acid. Especially for the fulvic acid, its lower molecule makes it higher physical and biological activity. This fertilizer has high solubility in water and ability of anti-hard water. It can be successfully applied in landscape and garden as well as for all agricultural and horticultural plants. It can be used alone or combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus through irrigation system or spray tank.


HUMABON GRANULAR is made from natural humic acid mineral and produced with special granulation technology. It contains not only humic acid but also fulvic acid, which can release slowly to play a role in the plant growing period.


HUMABON SUPERPOTASSIC is made of natural and high quality leonardite. We have adopted the latest modern extraction technology and are strict in every procedure of production. In addition, it has wider applications from soil application, seed soaking, root soaking to fertigation due to highly water soluble.


FULVABON POTASSIC High content Leonardite, which is non-toxic, harmless and non- flammable.


ALGABON FE + NPK, Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder/Flake is a complete natural extract finely derived from brown seaweed, which contains 70 minerals,17amino acids,4 plant hormones, chelating agents and complex sugars. These naturally occurring nutrients and bioactive substances can provide multiple benefits to enhance yields, quality and vigorsignificantly for various plants.


ALGABON HA+ NPK,Super concentrated seaweed mushy fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency, is extracted from the worlds largest kelp deposit. Alginic acid stimulates activities of soil micro organisms, improves the water-holding capability of soil, protects chemicals fertilizers from leaching or locking up and helps the formation of crumb structure.


GLUMABON POTASSIC ; Poly Glutamic Acid Fertilizer Series are innovative controlled-release fertilizers, combining the K, Fe, B, Ca, Si, etc. necessary for the crops’ growth, with the low molecular weight Poly Glutamic Acid generated by fermentation as main raw material. It strengthens the uptake of nutrients essential for the growth of crops. The producing bacteria of Poly Glutamic Acid generates beneficial plant hormones such as cytokinin, etc. that can regulate the crops growth. The PGA has the functions of strong adsorption, chelation and water absorption ability which can decrease the leaching loss and volatilization of nutrients, thus can make the nutrients slow available for the crops.

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